PREDICT - pure surfactants

Single Surfactants
Program PREDICT predicts a broad spectrum of bulk solution properties of single nonionic, ionic, or zwitterionic hydrocarbon-based surfactants under a variety of solution conditions, including surfactant concentration, temperature, and salt type and concentration. These properties include bulk solution characteristics such as the critical micelle concentration, equilibrium micellar characteristics such as the micellar shape, core minor radius, size, and size distribution (including the average micellar hydrodynamic radius and radius of gyration), and phase behavior characteristics such as the critical surfactant concentration signaling the onset of phase separation, and the crossover surfactant concentration marking the transition from the dilute to the semi-dilute micellar solution regimes.  


  • Critical Micelle Concentration
  • Micellar Shape and Core Minor Radius
  • Micellar Size Distribution
  • Average Micellar Hydrodynamic Radius and Radius of Gyration
  • Critical and Crossover Surfactant Concentrations


Predicted CMCs