Hari Katepalli

Research Affiliate
B.Tech., Chemical Engineering, JNT University, Anantapur (2008)
M.Tech., Chemical Engineering, IIT Kanpur, Kanpur (2010)
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, URI, Kingston (2014)

Hari is currently a Senior Scientist at Dow Chemical Company. In terms of research with the DB Group, he is involved in studying the effect of different surfactants on the reverse flotation of phosphate minerals. He is interested in understanding the self-assembly processes involving surfactants, polymers, and colloidal particles. He is also interested in the synthesis and fabrication of porous materials for environmental remediation and energy applications. When not doing research, he enjoys listening to music, travelling, and cooking different cuisines.

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=8WnA9LwAAAAJ&hl=en&oi=ao

Contact details: 

Department of Chemical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Room 66-411
77 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge MA 02139 USA
Phone: 617.253.6441