Our Values

Blankschtein Laboratory

Statement of Scientific Values and Professional Expectations

Our group at MIT carries out experimental and theoretical research in the broad, interdisciplinary field of colloid and interface science. The applications are diverse and range from the investigation of water and gas transport through porous graphitic membranes to the study of fluid behavior in nanoconfined environments, such as carbon nanotubes.

The lab members, which include the Principal Investigator (PI) - Professor Daniel Blankschtein, and all the current graduate students, research affiliates, and postdoctoral researchers, are strongly committed to maintaining a very welcoming, respectful, understanding, and enriching environment on both the professional and personal fronts for everyone associated with the research group, irrespective of their country of origin, race, gender, age, and religion. The lab has a strong track record of recruiting members from different parts of the world who continue to network, collaborate, and assist each other even after completing their official tenure in the lab. During their doctoral journey in the Blankschtein lab, the graduate students are especially encouraged to pursue their independent research endeavors with dedicated support and motivation from the PI. The graduate students and postdoctoral researchers are encouraged by the PI to critically analyze the current knowledge gaps in their fields, and to work towards developing novel experimental, modeling, and simulation strategies to address unmet practical challenges. The lab recognizes and emphasizes the importance of diversity and honorable interpersonal relationships to foster the innovative, analytical, and collaborative attributes of all lab members for their individual and group research projects.