Photo Gallery

Portait of Professor Daniel Blankschtein. Painted by a young budding artist and graduate student Ananth Govind Rajan in January 2017.

After the last lecture in 10.40, "Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics", taught by Professor Daniel Blankschtein, photo taken in December 2016. 

Celebrating Professor Daniel Blankschtein's 65th Birthday in December 2016. From L to R: Ananth Govind Rajan, Diviya Sinha, Zhe (David) Yuan, Professor Daniel Blankschtein, Hari Katepalli, Annalisa Cardellini, Rahul Prasanna Misra.

Professor Daniel Blankschtein with collaborator Professor Evelyn Wang after her student Jeremy Cho's thesis defense in December 2016. From L to R: Professor Evelyn Wang, Jeremy Cho, Professor Daniel Blankschtein, Vishnu Sresht. 

After Vishnu Sresht's thesis defense in August 2016. From L to R: Hari Katepalli, Vishnu Sresht, Professor Daniel Blankschtein, Rahul Prasanna Misra, Ananth Govind Rajan, Diviya Sinha.

Professor Agilio Padua's farewell dinner in June 2015. From L to R: Rahul Prasanna Misra, Ananth Govind Rajan, Professor Daniel Blankschtein, Professor Margarida Costa Gomes, Professor Agilio Padua, Hari Katepalli.

Professor Daniel Blankschtein being awarded the "Outstanding Faculty Award, Department of Chemical Engineering, MIT, for the year 2014" in May 2015.

After Carl Schoellhammer's thesis defense in April 2015. From L to R: Joao Franca (France), Andreas Reichmuth, Vishnu Sresht, Professor Daniel Blankschtein, Hari Katepalli, Matthias Oberli, Carl Schoellhammer, Diviya Sinha, Professor Agilio Padua, Emilie Bordes (France).

After Chih-Jen Shih's thesis defense in March 2014. From L to R: Matthias Oberli, Shangchao Lin, Professor Daniel Blankschtein, Chih-Jen Shih, Chih-Jen's wife, Vishnu Sresht, Ananth Govind Rajan, Carl Schoellhammer, Diviya Sinha.

After Jaisree Iyer's thesis defense in 2013. From L to R: Professor William Green, Jaisree Iyer, Dr. Ramanathan Nagarajan, Professor Daniel Blankschtein.

After Jennifer Seto's thesis defense in 2011. From L to R: Professor Robert Langer, Professor Daniel Blankschtein, Jennifer Seto.