MIX2 - binary surfactant mixtures

Binary Surfactant Mixtures
Program MIX2 predicts a wide spectrum of bulk solution properties of binary surfactant mixtures containing any combination of nonionic, ionic, or zwitterionic surfactants as a function of the total bulk surfactant concentration and composition. These properties include the mixture critical micelle concentration and the ideal mixture critical micelle concentration, the ß interaction parameter characterizing the non-idealities of the surfactant mixture at the micellar level, the micellar shape and core minor radius, the average micellar aggregation number and the variance of the micellar size distribution, the micellar composition, and the total monomer concentration and composition. All these predictions can be made at various temperatures and salt concentrations for various salt types. The predicted properties can also be correlated with practical surfactant performance characteristics.  


  • Mixture and Ideal Mixture Critical Micelle Concentrations
  • ß Parameter
  • Micellar Shape and Core Minor Radius
  • Micellar Size Distribution
  • Micellar Composition
  • Monomer Concentration and Composition